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Grammar Bootcamp: Coordinating and Subordinate Conjunctions January 5, 2017

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  1. Sentence Patterns. We reviewed Compound and Complex sentences.
  2. Sentence Patterns. We went learned how to fix run-on sentences and fragments using coordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) and subordinate conjunctions (AAAWWUUBBIS). Need a note sheets on conjunctions? You can download it here: coordinating-and-subordinate-notes
  3. Use this PowerPoint presentation to help you fill out your note sheet: coordinating-and-subordinate

Wordy Wednesday January 5, 2017

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1.We worked on vocabulary all day! We reviewed Unit 2 prefixes and drew sketches to help us remember the meaning of each prefix. Need a sketch worksheet? You can download it here: Unit 2 Prefix Review

2. We defined Vocabulary Unit 2 words. If you can’t find your V8 Vocabulary Unit 2 packet you can get it here.

Grammar Boot Camp: 4 Types of Sentences January 4, 2017

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We spent all of today playing with clauses, forming them into simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. It was totally fun.

If you’d like to play along at home, or if you were absent, here’s what to do:

1. Download the game pieces: flash fiction kinesthetic. There are two copies on this file to save paper, but you’ll only need one copy.

2. Watch the powerpoint and make your own sentences with the pieces. But your sentences must make sense!

3. Download the Sentence Patterns (G3) guide.

Here are the patterns:

1. S V. (simple sentence)

3. S V ,CC S V. (compound sentence with a coordinating conjunction)

Examples of coordinating conjunctions: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.

4. S V; S V. (compound sentence with a semicolon)

5. DC, IC. or IC DC. (complex sentence with a dependent and an independent clause; start your dependent clause with a subordinating conjunction like while, although, though, because, since, etc.)

Works Cited December 19, 2016

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Cite a Digital Image


Critical Media Literacy: Days 11-13 December 15, 2016

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Writing Days! We are working on Product Critique drafts, 12/14-12/16.

  1. Students are writing their Product Critiques in Google Docs using these formatting instructions.
  2. Students are writing an introduction, 2-3 ACES paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  3. The introduction needs a hook, lead into claim, and claim.
  4. Not sure what should go in the conclusion? Look here!
  5. Students are using images in their critique that support their claim.
  6. The critique should be persuasive and entertaining. Students can use a snarky voice!

HW: Work on Product Critique–first draft due Monday!

Critical Media Literacy: Book Clubs December 15, 2016

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We finished our book club discussions!

  1. We started the class with free writing. Students wrote in their journal about identity and how identity shapes how we read books. Students wrote about how they do or don’t relate to the main character in the book.
  2. We did a discussion warm up activity where students shared in groups the animal that best represents them.
  3. Students set their own group guidelines to keep the discussions flowing and engaged. The discussions went great!
  4. At the end, students wrote brief reflections about the discussion.
  5. Afterwards, everyone turned in their Book Club notesheet.


Critical Media Literacy: Day 10 December 12, 2016

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  1. We went over body paragraph structure using the high school format ACES.


Cite Evidence

Explain Evidence

Sum it Up

Here is a handout that says it all: ACES

2. We looked at an example ACES paragraph.

3. Then as a class we wrote an example ACES paragraph about the Hardee’s ad we critiqued on day one of the unit. We used this note sheet as we wrote the paragraph: ACES Example Sheet

3. Afterwards, students revised their assertions written on their Product Critique Outline so that they fit the ACES format.

4. Students then began filling in their Product Critique Outline II with their revised assertions: Product Critique Part II

HW: Finish book club book for discussion tomorrow, Tuesday 12/13. Finish Product Critique Outline II. Both Product Critique Outline and Product Critique Outline II are due tomorrow.

Critical Media Literacy: Day 9 December 11, 2016

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  1. Writing a claim continued! We revisited and revised claims.
  2. Once we finished rewriting claims, we begin filling in the first Product Critique outline which includes elements of an introduction and three assertion or topic sentences.
  3. Ms. Prather read her example product critique in order for everyone to understand how to structure their critique.

HW: Product Critique outline due Monday 12/12. Finish book club books by Tuesday 12/13!

Critical Media Literacy: Days 7 and 8 December 11, 2016

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  1. Target Audience. We talked about the concept of target audience in media production and marketing strategies that target people based on race.
  2. We examined Facebook’s use of racial identity to market commercial products to specific demographics. We watched a video made by Verizon and Facebook that discusses their marketing techniques to target an American Hispanic audience. The video is found here: https://www.facebook.com/business/a/us-hispanic-affinity-audience
  3. Afterwards, we played Philosophical Chairs and debated whether or not it is harmful for companies to market commercial products based on racial identity.
  4. Writing a Claim. The following day we worked on writing strong claims about the commercial products that everyone selected to use for their critique.
  5. Writing a Claim. We went over this handout and discussed the parts of the claim together: writing-a-claim
  6.  Writing a Claim. We re-read the articles we annotated last week and identified the each author’s claim.
  7. Writing a Claim. We spent time sharing out about products. Everyone practiced telling each other about their products with other classmates.
  8. Writing a Claim. Afterwards, everyone wrote their claim on a notecard.


Critical Media Literacy: Day 6 December 11, 2016

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  1. We worked on brainstorming for the product critique which is due December 22. Everyone has selected such interesting commercial products– all of them are rich in material to analyze for our critical media literacy unit!
  2. Students used personal devices and class computers to closely examine the product packaging and one print ad or commercial about the product in order to develop a claim about the product and its use of stereotype and/or social norms. Here is a copy of the brainstorming packet: commercial-product-deconstruction-brainstorming
  3. Everyone received an assignment sheet and calendar for the product critique on November 22nd to keep them up to date and informed on the project expectations and due dates. Here is a copy of the assignment sheet: cml-product-critique-assignment-sheet if anyone needs an extra!