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Friday, August 28: Planning our memoirs! August 28, 2015

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Today we began planning our own memoirs!

1. First, students handed in their homework, in which they responded in a journal to another’s memoir.

2.Students listened to Ms. Garvoille’s example of a plot diagram packet as they worked on their own. Here is the handout we used (due Monday!): My Plot Diagram.

I’ve posted my example below for anyone who has questions.

3. Students had time to sit and work on planning their memoir topics.

HW: Complete your planning sheets by Monday!

Thursday, August 27: Reading Student Memoir examples August 27, 2015

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Today in class, students read example student memoirs in class. They chose the memoir to read and then wrote a one-page reflection on what they read. Honors will read two and Standard will read one. However, students can get extra credit by reading extra memoirs and doing journal responses.

Here are the guidelines for the journal response: Student Memoir Journal Response.

Here are some links to the previous memoir books so you can read at home!

Going on 15

Other People + Me

Freshman vs. Self


Giants of the Earth

HW: Finish your Journal Response to the student memoir you read. If in Honors you must read TWO memoirs and complete TWO journal responses. Due tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 26: Wordy Wednesday! (and Self-Portraits) August 26, 2015

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  1. When students came in today, we picked up on planning our own mini self-portraits in writing using the back of W1: self-portrait organizer.
  2. Next, we took 15 minutes to write about a scene that shows our philosophy of life — a self-portrait.
  3. Then, it was time for vocab notes! It’s Wordy Wednesday, so we began by taking notes. Here are the notes sheets: V1 – Lesson 1 Honors Vocab Notes or  Lesson 1 Standard Vocab Notes. We wrote down the first two definitions:

a, an: no, not, without, lacking

ambi: both

For homework, students need to find three more words that use these prefixes and write down the definitions. For instance, you can use abiotic for a, an. Then just write under “Student Example Words,” ‘abiotic: without life.’

HW: Complete association words 1-2 for next Wordy Wednesday on your V1 packet.

Tuesday, August 25: Self-Portraits August 25, 2015

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Today was all about how self-portraits can lead us into memoirs.

  1. We started class by making self-portraits in string. Each self-portrait had to reflect our personality and our beliefs.
  2. We wrote about our portraits, then dove into examining self-portraits of other artists.
  3. We looked at and discussed four self-portraits using W1: Self-Portraits graphic organizer

Four self-portraits

(There are links to more detailed pictures here.)

We wrote down what we noticed and answered the following questions about them:- What is one theme word or topic you would say this self-portrait addresses?

– What is one feeling you get when you look at it or one feeling the artist may have had creating it?

– Why did the artist make this image?

4. Finally, we shared out our answers and prepared to think about why we will write our own memoirs.

HW: None

Monday, August 24: Intros August 24, 2015

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Hello all! Welcome to the first blog post of the 2015-2016 school year!

Here’s what we did today!

  1. Warm-up: Students answered 2 question in their notebooks: What was your summer assignment about? and Why do you think the author wrote it? We shared out with partners and the class.
  2. We turned in the summer assignment. If you didn’t get it, come see Ms. Garvoille. If you got it last year or over the summer but you lost it, you can download it here: Summer Reading Assignment for English I and Honors English I 2015.
  3. We met some classmates using this people-finder: Memoir PeopleSearch HS.
  4. We reviewed some classroom procedures (but I tried to make it at least somewhat entertaining).

HW: Return your signed green sheet form. If you did not come to open house, fill out this form so I can have your contact information.

Open House August 20, 2015

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Welcome (back) to DSA! It’s going to be a great year in English I!

Here is our overview for parents: English I Syllabus 2015

Please fill out this form so I can have your contact information and learn about you. Thanks!

I’m excited to be working with you all. We’re going to have a transformative year.

Ms. Garvoille

Friday, May 22: Last rehearsal day! May 23, 2015

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On Tuesday students will perform their scenes for the class.

Remember to use Moving Techniques and Speaking techniques!

Here is the rubric if you’re interested: Performance Rubric 2013.

HW: Practice your lines and movements over the long weekend!

Monday, May 18: Discussing Act III and Speaking Techniques May 18, 2015

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1. Students took an oral quiz to review Act III of the play.

2. We discussed the Antithesis speaking technique. Here are the others: Speaking Shakespeare (L11).

HW: Finish reading Act 4 for Wednesday! (see videos below)

Friday, May 15: Scenework! May 15, 2015

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Students shared their scene cuts and read through the scene with parts once.

Next we did some writing about our characters. If you were absent, answer the following questions about the character you have been assigned by your group to read:

1. What is your main goal in life (as the character)?

2. What annoys you most?

3. Who is your modern equivalent? (i.e. in attitude this character is basically a 16th century Kim Kardashian or Mr. Ward) Why?

4. What is your anthem? What is the song you could listen to on your 16th century iPod and say, “This is my jam!”

5. Write a one paragraph journal or diary entry in which you reflect on the events of your scene. If your character dies in the scene, you will be writing this journal entry from the afterlife.

In some classes we had time for an oral quiz.

HW: Read all of ACT 3 for Monday.

Here are the scenes to watch before you read:

Watch 1:00:00-1:40:14

1976 version:

Watch 1:18:37-1:40:28

1982 version:

Watch 1:17:00-2:06:20

Wednesday and Thursday, May 13 and 14: Scene paraphrasing May 14, 2015

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Students worked with their groups to begin paraphrasing and interpreting their scenes.

HW: For Friday, finish reading Act II. (See videos below!)


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