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November 1: B Day November 1, 2012

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1. Freewrite (5 minutes).

2. Vocabulary notes.

3. Using SAT words. Students received an extra credit opportunity. Fill in the blanks here: Lesson 1 Sentence Writing Practice

4. Vocab review on Quizlet. Go here to begin reviewing your word parts online. Click Space Race or Scatter to play.

HW: Begin reviewing vocabulary at home.


1. Freewrite.

2. Oral Quiz on Ch. 16-19.

HW: Finish Adjectives Worksheet for tomorrow. Read through the end of the memoir by Monday.


1. Freewrite.

2. Oral Quiz on chapters 16-19.

3. Vocabulary notes and review. We took the rest of the notes (found here). Then, we reviewed by playing Simon Says and I showed students how to study on Quizlet.

4. Preposition song. Students began learning the Preposition Song.

HW: Finish reading memoir for Monday. Study for vocabulary test on Thursday, November 8.

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