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January 30: B Day January 30, 2013

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1. Exam review. Students received their exam grades and could ask questions.

2. Intro to Wikipedia project. The next project we’re going to tackle is going to be reading a young adult novel and then improving the Wikipedia page on that novel using credible sources and research.

3. Library. We all went to the school library, where students read the first five pages of at least three different books to help them decide what they would like to read. Students can work alone or in groups (and they could choose their groups), but Ms. Garvoille reserves the right to split up the groups if it will help the students learn better. By the end of class, all students should have picked a novel to read. 

HW: Bring your independent reading book to class next Tuesday. If you need to get a copy from the public library or Barnes and Noble, make sure you do by Tuesday.


Students worked on revising their essays today.

HW: None.


1. Exam review. Students received their exam grades and could ask questions.

2. Collaborative essay feedback. Students received their collaborative essays, which they will revise for a new project grade by Monday. They received feedback in their GoogleDoc via AudioBoo. Want to hear the kind of comments Ms. Garvoille gave? Just follow this link. We will spend the rest of the week revising and then recording our final drafts of our essays.

3. Finally, students summarized and prioritized their feedback.

HW: We will continue revising in class on Friday and then record our final draft on Friday (or over the weekend if you have the technology).