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March 18: B Day March 18, 2013

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1. Students had about 45 minutes to finish their Wikipedia projects and write their reflection on the project. Here are the reflection questions:

Answer in complete sentences.

  1. What was the biggest challenge for you in this project?
  2. How do you think facing this challenge in ninth grade will prepare you for your future?
  3. What are you most proud of?
  4. What did you learn about writing? or How did your writing skills improve?
  5. Do you think you’ll make edits to Wikipedia in the future? (either fixing typos or adding to pages)
  6. How did your freedom to choose a group/choose to work alone affect your work ethic? What have you learned about how you work alone/with others? Would you choose to work in this group/alone again?
  7. What grade do you think you deserve and why?

Then, organize the papers in your folder in this order, staple together, and turn in to Ms. G.:

  • Reflection
  • Notecards/Yellow cards
  • Annotated articles
  • Rough draft of plot summary
  • Plot summary sheet with boxes on it
  • Reading logs 1-4
  • Journal #1 if you have it

2. Shakespeare Through the Ages. Today students learned that Romeo and Juliet is actually a much older story than you’d think. It originated with Ovid’s Metamorphoses in around 8 A.D. and continued to change in form until Shakespeare wrote his version in around 1591. We even have new versions today (Romiette and Julio, Letters to Juliet, “Love Story” by T-Swift, for example).

Each group read a different source text for Romeo and Juliet and then prepared a skit version of that story to present next class. Read all the stories here: Source Stories.

HW: Finish Wikipedia project and reflection by next class.

What does it mean to be done?

  • You have written a plot summary in Google Drive.
  • You have printed out, annotated, and taken notes on three articles from the Gale database.
  • You have written at least a Reception and a Major themes paragraph based on your articles.
  • You have created a Sandbox in Wikipedia with the parts of your plot summary, reception, themes, etc. paragraphs that need to be added to the real Wikipedia page for your novel.
  • You have created citations for each quote you took from an article.
  • You have copied and pasted the code from your Sandbox into the real Wikipedia article (extra credit)


Students worked today on cutting their scripts down to 100-120 lines and assigning parts.

HW: Read all of Act V by Wednesday. That means read V.i-ii today and V.iii tomorrow. Here’s V.i-ii:

Act V, scene i

start at 9:45

stop at 3:23 and make sure to read the last three lines left out

Act V, scene ii

watch 3:23-4:50 only


1. Focused freewrite.

2. Return Song Analysis revisions. This counted as a project grade. Some students have not turned this in yet! Turn in ASAP for a late grade (-10).

3. Oral Quiz on Act IV.

4. Speaking Shakespeare techniques, continued.

5. Blocking techniques. We went to the cafeteria and spread out in a circle to practice some Stage Movement techniques (L20). 

HW: Mark all the Speaking Shakespeare techniques in your lines. Also, decide what your pantomimes will be. Read V.i-ii for Wednesday. Read V.iii for Friday. We won’t have an oral quiz until Friday.

Act V, scene i

start at 9:45

stop at 3:23 and make sure to read the last three lines left out

Act V, scene ii

watch 3:23-4:50 only

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