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April 29: A Day April 29, 2013

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1. Freewrite: Is Romeo and Juliet a love story? How do you know?

2. Scene choices. Students chose one scene from Romeo and Juliet they will perform with a group.

3. Here are the groups:

I.v: Isaiah, Alexyss, Kalyb, Gabe

III.i: Jugal, Logan, TJ, Alexis, Tevin

III.v: Sydney, Jenna, Donavan, Thomas

V.iii: Joy, Andrew, Rudy, Marcus, JR

If you were absent, you should click on the link to your scene and print out a copy of the script. Your group will fill you in next class on what you missed.

4. Students met with their groups first to fill out their Interpreting Your Scene sheet. All students will get across one idea about the scene in their performance.

5. Next, students cut lines and assigned parts.

6. Finally, students worked to paraphrase each complete sentence in their script, writing the paraphrase to the side.

HW: Finish paraphrasing all of your character’s lines on your script. You should do this sentence by sentence.


1. Today we had a socratic seminar discussion on Billy Liar, “Lament,” and Symphony in White, No. 1. It was awesome.

HW: Bring your coming of age novel to class tomorrow. We will go to the library for some reading time.


1. We finished watching Billy Liar.

2. We examined the painting Symphony in White, No. 1 by James McNeill Whistler.

3. Finally, we had a great whole-class discussion on Billy Liar, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” and Symphony in White, No. 1.

HW: Bring your coming of age novel to class on Wednesday. We will go to the library for some reading time.

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