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December 16 and 17 December 17, 2013

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1. Students had five to ten minutes to prepare for the oral quiz on Ch. 12-15.

2. Oral quiz.

3. We watched a clip of the To Kill a Mockingbird film to illustrate part of chapter 15:

4. ACE-IT revision or writing. Depending on the class, students either found a passage for, wrote, or revised an ACE-IT paragraph related to their motif.

HW: Read Chapter 16 and 17 for next class. Honors needs to also complete 1 motif journal. Standard actually only needs to read chapter 17 and the summary of chapter 16. Standard does not need to do any motif journals. Right now Honors should have a total of 7 by Wednesday/Thursday, and Standard should have a total of 6.

Other Voices, Other Rooms folks should read to the end of Chapter 7 by the end of winter break. Remember, you should also do 50% of your motif journal entries on OVOR.

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