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Thursday, January 8: Letter-writing January 9, 2015

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1. Students began by writing a letter in the voice of one of the characters from Great Expectations.

  • Choose two characters from Great Expectations who have a similarity or parallel.
  • Write a letter in the voice of one of the characters to the other character. In your letter, you should . . .
    • Begin with an opening (Dear__, My Esteemed ___, My Dearest ___, My Beloved ___, etc.)
    • explain your similarities (at least 2), and
    • suggest how you might work together in the future
  • End with a closing (Sincerely, With Love, Respectfully Yours, Your Humble Servant, etc.)

2. Then, we rotated around the room and responded to someone else’s letter.

3. Finally, we worked in groups to discuss how different characters are connected to the motif.

HW: Read through the end of chapter 50 for tomorrow. Study for your vocab test on Wednesday!

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