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Tuesday, November 24: Oral Quiz and Philosophical Chairs November 24, 2015

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  1. Students wrote down who they thought was most responsible for Tom Robinson’s guilty charge.
  2. We did an oral quiz over chapters 14-21.
  3. Some students work on their blog posts and some students participated in a Philosophical Chairs debate about who is responsible for the guilty charge.

HW: Finish reading Mockingbird by next Monday. Blog entry #1 and #2 should be complete. Blog entry #4 due 12/2. (Don’t do entry #3)

If you want to do the extra project, finish reading “Go Set a Watchman” by Monday and do at least two of your blog entries using passages from “Watchman.”


Monday, November 23: Discussing the Trial and Blog Workday November 23, 2015

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  1. Students discussed the trial in Mockingbird. Specifically, we examined who was lying and why.
  2. Next, we looked at some examples of excellent blog posts.
  3. Finally, students had time to work on their blogs. We will NOT do Blog #3 — just Blog #1, 2, and 4 so far!

HW: Finish reading through the end of Chapter 21 for an oral quiz tomorrow. Finish Blog Posts #1 and #2 for tomorrow. Here is the blog assignment: Motif Blog Posts.

Wednesday, November 18: Beginning Our Blogs November 18, 2015

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  1. Students got out their Motif Blog Posts Assignment and (if they didn’t yesterday) completed a freewrite on three of the questions listed under their motif here: TKAM Motifs and Themes for Lit Circles.
  2. Next, student checked their emails! Ms. Neale and Ms. Garvoille invited each student to participate in a group blog via Blogger. Here are the sites:

3. Then, students began working on their blog post assignment #1 which is:

Choose a quote from TKAM that relates to your motif and creates a personal response for you. State what happened (with textual evidence) in the events surrounding the quote, state what was right and wrong with what happened, and what should happen to make the event right. Then relate the event to something that happened in your own life. Honors: to earn a 3.5 or above, compare what happened with one other event from TKAM or in the news.

(this is outlined on the Motif Blog Posts sheet).

Here is Ms. Garvoille’s example!

We will continue working on this tomorrow and Thursday in class!

HW: Read through Chapter 13 for tomorrow.

Friday, November 6: Seminar on Poetry November 6, 2015

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  1. Students got Seminar notes for poetry.
  2. Then, we discussed the images from yesterday (Art Analysis Prufrock)and The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock. Here is what we talked about: Socratic Seminar Images

HW: None. If you want your own copy of To Kill a Mockingbird, get it by Thursday. Optional Honors Project: also read Go Set a Watchman.

Art Analysis November 5, 2015

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Image 1: Bar at the Folies-Bergeres (click on it!)

Image 2: Picture for Women (click on it!)