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Friday, January 29: Finishing Act 1, scene 2 January 29, 2016

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  1. Free Reading time.
  2. We finished reading Act 1, scene 2 together. If you were at EOE, you can catch up here: Raisin in the Sun online (read pages ~513-524).

HW: None


Wednesday, January 28: Intersectional Politics in Raisin January 28, 2016

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  1. Reading time
  2. We continued reading Raisin in the Sun, Act 1, scene 2. As students read, they had to find one line of dialogue that spoke to one of the following topics:
  • Feminism
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Classism/Marxism
  • Racism
  • Heteronormativity

HW: None!


Wednesday, January 27: SAT Word Review January 27, 2016

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On today’s shortened schedule, we spent 5 minutes reading and then worked on some SAT word review in partners.

Download the assignment here: “A Winter Tale”: Word Practice Lesson 2 through number 8.

HW: Finish “A Winter Tale” Vocab practice (it’s okay to use your notes or a dictionary) for tomorrow. You must work on this alone, though, without the help of any classmates.

January 21: History and Reading Guide January 21, 2016

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  1. Free reading!
  2. Motivation: Students discussed what the character in their independent reading book most wants. We then discussed what different main characters in Raisin are motivated by.
  3. Students began filling out this awesome reading guide: Raisin Family Tree/Raisin summary. We worked through the timeline section in groups and then as a whole class.
  4. We summarized Act 1, scene 1 on the reading guide and then began watching scene 2 from a film version.

HW: Read your own book!

January 20: Wordy Wednesday! January 20, 2016

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  1. Free reading time. As students finish their books, they need to get me to sign I10: Books I Have Read This Year. They also need to complete this One-Pager for the book they read in January: One-Pager (use the first page only)
  2. Wordy Wednesday #6-10. Students completed the vocab notes in small groups using this handout: V4 Lesson 2 notes, sheet 3
  3. At the end of class, everyone received a list of all the Lesson 2 words (except 6th period… Sorry!).

HW: If you didn’t finish in class, complete V4 Lesson 2 notes, sheet 3.

Wednesday, January 6: Wordy Wednesday! January 6, 2016

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  1. Free reading.
  2. We discussed the next steps after completing a book. First, all students received Books I Have Read This Year (I-10). After finishing a book, the student will have a conversation with me or Ms. Ramirez and we will sign the sheet. Every student should aim to read at least five books before the end of the year.
  3. Wordy Wednesday! Students worked on completing their V2 notes sheet in small groups.

HW: None!

Tuesday, January 5: Abstract Art January 5, 2016

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    1. After free reading, we examined some abstract designs from Matisse to see how they could be read as representative of moments in Durham history.

This could be seen as a commentary on how the tobacco industry impacted the viewpoint and the mindset of Durham over time, from plantation owners like Washington Duke to enslaved field hands to tenant farmers and factory workers.

2. Next, students designed their own abstract composition to illustrate the Durham topic they researched yesterday. They needed to illustrate their knowledge of the topic as well as portraying how it impacted Durham. This was done with cut construction paper and glue only on the second page of this handout: Research for Key Event in Durham. If you are at home and you don’t have construction paper, you can just draw it in the box. Just try to keep it abstract so you can be sure you’re illustrating underlying concepts, not just simple events.

HW: Finish the explanation of your image if you didn’t get it done in class.

Monday, January 4: Ties from Chicago to Durham January 4, 2016

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  1. We took a trip to the library to renew or check out books for free reading!
  2. This week we will start reading A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. Some of you will be familiar with this play from middle school, but we’ll be going into a lot of depth with it and coming at the interpretation from a different angle. I gave students a brief history of the play: how Hansberry’s family bought a house in a predominantly white neighborhood, were prevented from moving, and then brought the neighbors to court. The Hansberrys lost, they appealed, lost again, and finally the Supreme Court overturned the ruling. Growing up, Hansberry met many civil rights leaders as a result of this years-long legal proceeding. She based her play on this experience at it was a hit in 1959 when it debuted on Broadway. Because plays always speak to the moment in which they are performed, we began today by starting to think about parallel situations in Durham.
  3. Students all received one of the topics listed here: Raisin research topics. Then, using some “quick and dirty” internet research (no citing sources, just getting background information), students filled out this sheet: Research for Key Event in Durham.

HW: If you didn’t finish in class, complete the Research for Key Event in Durham sheet for tomorrow (it’s just the one side).