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Memoir Day 3: Author’s Purpose and Show Not Tell August 31, 2016

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  1. We started class by taking notes on Author’s Purpose. Here are the guided notes: L1: PIE notes. (And here is the teacher version: PIE notes teacher version). On the back, we reflected on the purpose of the memoir we read over the summer.
  2. Next, students received one line from another student’s memoir to determine whether the purpose of that one line was to persuade, inform, or entertain. We then paired up to see how well the purpose of the sentence matched the purpose of the whole memoir.
  3. In some classes, we read “The Power of Detail,” and wrote about it. In some classes we did a whiteboard activity on “Show, Not Tell.”

HW: None. If you have a book at home that you’ve been wanting to read, start bringing it to school next Wednesday, when our #freereading time will start.


Memoir Day 2: Self-Portrait as Memoir August 30, 2016

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Today was all about how self-portraits can lead us into memoirs.

  1. We started class by organizing our binders! Your English binder can be left in the classroom and should have five sections: Information, Literature, Writing, Grammar, and Vocabulary.
  2. Then, we made self-portraits in string on our desktops. Each self-portrait had to reflect our personality in some way. This was an abstract thinking exercise.
  3. We then dove into examining self-portraits of other artists. We looked at and discussed four self-portraits using this handout: Self-Portraits and Author’s Purpose

Four self-portraits

(There are links to more detailed pictures here.)

We wrote down what we noticed and discussed the artist’s purpose for making the image. In some classes we moved on to taking notes on Author’s Purpose.

HW: None

Memoir Day 1: Procedures and Building Class Community and August 29, 2016

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Today was a great one! Welcome back to all! Here is what we did in class:

  1. Students received a Syllabus. You need to bring it home, look over it with a parent or guardian, and sign it. Unless you’re in first period, in which I completely forgot to hand them out! You will get yours tomorrow.
  2. We wrote down our favorite quote from the memoir we read. We will use these in class tomorrow.
  3. We got to know each other with a people-finder and by talking with our partners.
  4. We answered some questions about what we want in an ideal classroom community. We will discuss our answers tomorrow and come up with some norms for our space.
  5. We reviewed school-wide procedures. Here is a copy of the student handbook if you want to have a look: DSA Time Tracker Handbook. Key points: don’t be late to class more than twice or you’ll get after school detention, if you’re absent more than ten days you’re in trouble, if you owe money to the school (lost books, etc.) you won’t be able to participate in extracurriculars, field trips, or dances.

HW: Get your syllabus signed!

Welcome to English I! August 25, 2016

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Welcome (back) to DSA! It’s going to be a great year in English I! Ms. Garvoille, Ms. Prather and Ms. Ramirez (7th period) are excited to have you.

Here is our overview for parents: Syllabus 16 English I Garvoille.

Please fill out this form so we can have your contact information and learn about you. Thanks!

To sign up for Remind alerts for English, text @agarvo to the number 81010. (For Creative Writing, text @cwgarvo to 81010)

Check out the DSA Parent/Student Handbook.

We’re going to have a transformative year.

Ms. Garvoille & Ms. Prather