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Wordy Wednesday Unit 2, Day 1 November 30, 2016

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We took time to read our book club books and received our ‘role sheet’ assignments: open-ended-role-sheet. You need to fill out the first side of your notes sheet (no longer a role sheet!) for next Tuesday.

Next, we did the first 10 words in our Unit 2 vocab study. Here are the notes: Unit 2 Vocabulary (full packet) (Do Part 1 on your own if you were gone.)


Critical Media Literacy: Days 3 and 4 November 29, 2016

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On Monday we looked at how social norms appear in the media.

  1. Students shared out their product selections.
  2. We examined social norms using quotes around the room.


On Tuesday, we looked at persuasive techniques in the media.

  1. Students first received their book club books (Persepolis, Maus II, American Born Chinese, Running for Hope, or March I) and we took some time to read.
  2. We looked at ads and examined persuasive techniques in them:Propaganda Techniques (L16) We also looked at the persuasive techniques in the ad for our own product.
  3. Then, we analyzed the following Levi’s commercial with this handout: america

HW: Read the first half of your book club for next Tuesday 12/6!

Critical Media Literacy: Days 1 and 2 November 22, 2016

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We are starting a new unit focused on analyzing media messages in order to make ourselves more aware of the media we are consuming. Did you know that research shows teenagers spend more time consuming media each day than they do in school? Of course, you did!

  1. We started Monday by analyzing a Hardee’s print ad. Students answered the following questions: critical-media-literarcy-warm-up-day-1
  2. Then, we discussed the 5 Key Concepts of Media on notes sheet L14: intro-critical-media-literarcy-note-sheet
  3. Then, students rotated around to different stations to analyze media themselves using this sheet: media-stations-copy

On Tuesday . . .

  1. We started by listing stereotypes we see perpetuated by the media.
  2. Then, we watched this awesome video by MTV’s Franchesca Ramsey:

3. Finally, students did their own analysis of a print ad using this handout: magazine-image-annotation. If this was not completed in class, it is homework for Monday.

4. Students received their Black Friday Mission: they must locate a consumer product (something you can buy) to analyze for its bias. Think: ‘girl’ pens, little girls’ coloring books, ‘boy’ toys, culturally representative dolls, t-shirts, boxer shorts, really anything. You can either buy it, take a picture of it, or print out a description of it from the internet. You also have to answer some questions about it. Here is the assignment sheet: product-selection-handout

HW: Finish Magazine Ad Annotation if you’re not done. Select a product and complete the Product Selection Questionnaire

Enjoy your holidays and enjoy questioning consumer culture!

We also announced our Poetry Out Loud winners who will be advancing to the school-level competition: Izzy, Chace, Elayna, Fiona, Ella, Sky, Emma, Yulibeth, and Sara! You will all need to keep your poem memorized and choose one more from the Poetry Out Loud website. First place winners also received a book of poetry from Ms. G to start their collections.

Vocabulary Test November 16, 2016

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  1. Poetry. Students are doing a wonderful job reciting their Poetry Out Loud poems! Our guest judges have been super impressed with everyone’s performance so far.
  2. Poetry. We are wrapping up the poetry unit. The poetry podcasts sound great! Students will turn in their poetry podcast and recitation reflections in class tomorrow.
  3. Vocabulary. We will finish recitations tomorrow and begin our vocabulary test review. The  vocabulary test is this Friday!

HW: Finish podcast and recitation reflection. Review vocabulary handouts Week 1-Week5 for vocabulary test on Friday.

Finalizing Your Podcast November 11, 2016

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On Thursday we had our last workday on our podcasts. This weekend every group needs to finalize their podcast and upload it to our class SoundCloud account.

Here is all the info you need:

If you want to listen to the completed podcasts, go here:

Have fun editing and let me know if you have any questions!

Poetry Day 1 November 1, 2016

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Today we prepared to record our poetry podcasts!

Here is the Poetry Podcast Assignment. Before recording, students needed to complete three things:

Tomorrow we will have a short vocab quiz and then begin our recording! Want to see an example of a finished podcast? Here’s Ms. Garvoille’s awesome podcast made last week at NCCAT: