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Poetry Unit

English I (Literacy), Jordan HS

Poems after the review session.

Poems after the review session.

Unit Objectives
1. Introduce students to poetry terms and forms as used on the EOC
2. Practice identifying poetic devices in poems and songs
3. Relate poetry to personal interest in music


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Day 1 – * ½
Transition from Romeo and Juliet / Alliteration, Sonnets

(Read my self-observation on this lesson)

1. Students will access prior knowledge about Romeo and Juliet.
2. Students will be able to identify sonnets.
3. Students will identify rhyme schemes.
4. Students will identify alliteration.

Materials: Poetry in Song Lyrics Assignment, Sonnet Worksheet, Data projector (optional), Markers

1) Collect Reading Logs
2) Wordskills (15 min)
Transition: Ask students what they know about poetry. List responses on board.
3) Sonnets / Rhyme scheme (30 min)

4) Identify rhyme scheme and alliteration: Modeling and Guided Practice (30 min)

4) Independent highlighting of alliteration and rhyme scheme on back of WS (Sonnet 130)

HW: Finish Sonnet 130

Day 2 (November 17) – ** ½
Sound Terminology, Meter, and Metaphor in “Dreams” by Langston Hughes

(See a TPAI evaluation of this lesson)

1. Students will reinforce material learned in previous class.
2. Students will identify assonance.
3. Students will identify metaphors and similes.
4. Students will create flashcards to help review for test.

Materials: “Dreams” worksheet, markers, index cards.

1) Wordskills (15 min)
2) Ask students to write down the song and artist they choose for lyrics project (may want to do this at the beginning of class for 15 minutes in order to let students print out their own lyrics, after which teacher should collect lyrics to screen them; any lyrics not approved can be discussed with student the next day before the workday). Notify students that they will have time on Wednesday to work on this project.
3) Go over homework (Sonnet 130) and collect. (30 min)

4) Hand out “Dreams” worksheet and Markers (30 min)

5) Hand out Flashcards / Review (15 min)

Day 3
Introduction to Lyrics Project

1) Wordskills (30 min)
2) Finish making flashcards (35 min)
3) Discuss Quiz format (5 min)
4) Introduce Lyrics Project and Assign Presentation Dates (20 min)

HW: Study for Quiz tomorrow

Day 4
Workday for Independent Reading Papers

1) Collect any homework (Sonnet 130, Dreams)
2) Poetry Quiz
3) Wordskills
4) Independent Reading Paper

Put on board this outline:
¶ 1 Why you chose this novel
¶ 2 Summarize the novel’s plot
¶ 3 Would you recommend this book. Why or why not?
¶ 4 How do the characters evolve throughout the novel?
¶ 5 Describe the literary elements of the novel, including: theme, setting, conflicts, mood, character development, figurative language (imagery, similes, metaphors, alliteration, etc.)

Day 5
Workday for Lyrics Project

1) Wordskills (15 min)
2) Independent work on Lyrics Project (75 min)

Day 6 (November 21)
Poetic Forms

Materials: index cards, markers, poetic forms worksheet, poem examples, envelopes with different poetic forms written on outside taped to board (lyric, dramatic, narrative, sonnet, ode, epic, ballad)

1) Consonance, Onomatopoeia, and Poetic Forms – Flashcards and Worksheet (45 min)

2) Poem sorting: (45 min)

3) Announce test date and format
HW: All students must present poetry projects tomorrow.

After class: Prepare for poetry presentations by collecting all student music.

Day 7
Lyric Project Presentations and Test Review Activity

1. Students will understand the basics of comma usage
2. Students will be ready for poetry test
3. Students will connect personal knowledge of music to poetry

Materials: All student music ready to play, student lyric packet, test review worksheet, poems written onto large pieces of paper taped to various walls, pack of markers (lt. green, dk. green, lt. blue, dk. blue, orange, red, yellow, black, pink, brown) at each poem, cut up direction slips in cup at each poem, timer, envelopes at each station.

1) Grammar – Intro to Commas – 1st page of packet (30 min)
2) Presentations (20 min)

3) Review Flashcards (5 min)
4) Review for Test Activity (30 min)

Circle one example of alliteration…
Underline one example of assonance…
Label the rhyme scheme at the end of each line in black using letters…
Label all the stanzas in red along the left-hand side of the poem. Your choices are: couplet (2 lines), tercet (3 lines), quatrain (4 lines), sestet (5 lines).
Squiggly underline one example of imagery in pink. To the side of the poem, write to which sense it appeals: taste, touch, sight, sound, or smell.

Term / Example you circled or underlined in quotes / Poem Title

HW: Study for test tomorrow

Day 8
Test Day

1) Multiple-Choice Test
2) Independent Reading

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