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Here is an easily-downloadable list of homework and other grades (tests, etc.). I’ll try to keep this updated every week (but not every day — see the daily posts for that).

3rd quarter:

For the rest of the 2017 school year, all assignments will fall into one of the following Skills, which you will see listed on PowerSchool. These are the nine basic skills we as an English I team have determined students should mastery by the end of ninth grade:

The 9th Grade “9”

By the end of their freshman year, all 9th grade English students at Durham School of the Arts are expected to:

  1. Write a strong paragraph guided by a clear main idea and supported by textual evidence (using the A-C-E-S strategy as a guide).
  2. Determine the main idea or central claim of a nonfiction text and the theme of a fiction piece.
  3. Annotate, summarize, and paraphrase increasingly complex texts.
  4. Write in complete sentences and begin to vary sentence structure by a) Identifying independent and dependent clauses, b) Forming compound and complex sentences, c) Avoiding/correcting run-on sentences and fragments.
  5. Develop and sustain an argument or thesis of their own using the tools of rhetoric.
  6. Determine the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary by way of context clues or word parts.
  7. Identify an author’s choice of literary devices, analyze their effect on the work as a whole, and experiment with them in their own writing.
  8. In both whole-class and small-group settings, prepare for and participate in an academic discussions and oral presentations.
  9. Practice self-assessment strategies and metacognition, the ability to think about their own thinking.
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