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Mockingbird: Day 8 February 3, 2017

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We filled out our yellow reading guides today as a class, focusing on the timeline and family trees. You can pick one up in the classroom if you were absent!

HW: Finish reading through Ch. 4 for Monday.


Mockingbird: Day 7 February 2, 2017

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Today we passed back papers so students could see their new Product Critique grades (to see how they got their high report card grades!). Then, we did a free read and took an oral quiz on Chapter 1. If you are reading Go Set a Watchman, we’ll do your oral quiz tomorrow.

HW: First period, complete vocab drawings for tomorrow. All others: Read Mockingbird chapters 2-4 by Monday, Watchman 2-4 by Monday.

Wordy Wednesday: Unit 2, Day 4 February 1, 2017

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Today we reviewed for our vocab test which will be NEXT WEDNESDAY!

  1. Free read–I asked most folks to read To Kill a Mockingbird since chapter 1 is due tomorrow. Here is the audiobook if that’s your style:
  2. Word organizing. Students all got a strip of our words for this unit: Unit 2 Words (manipulatives). Then, I asked them to group the words based on their meanings. We shared the groupings we came up with.
  3. Matching/Charades. In some classes we played charades, in some we matched the words on our desks to pictures in a slideshow. Here is the slideshow if you’d like to review at home: Unit 2 Review (Picture Matching and Charades)
  4. Finally, in every class except first period (sorry, fam), we started drawing mnemonic device comics to help us remember the hardest word. Here are the directions: Vocab Drawing Mnemonic.

HW: TWO THINGS! Finish reading chapter 1 of TKaM or Go Set a Watchman AND finish your vocab drawing (except 1st period).

Mockingbird: Day 6 January 31, 2017

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Today we started with a free read of our own independent reading book, then continued reading the first chapter out loud and discussing. There will be no more read-alouds of chapter 1 before Thursday, so everyone needs to start reading on their own!

HW: Finish reading Chapter 1 for Thursday

Mockingbird: Day 5 January 30, 2017

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  1. First, we took our Vocab Quiz, turned in our ACES paragraph HW, and did our free read.
  2. Next, we began reading To Kill a Mockingbird out loud together in class and discussing it as we went.

HW: Finish chapter 1 of Mockingbird or Watchman by Thursday.

Mockingbird: Day 4 January 27, 2017

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  1. Free read.
  2. Today we gathered in our motif groups to look at the first page of the text again. This time, we annotated for any connections to our motifs.
  3. Next, we all wrote ACES paragraphs proving a prediction about the motif.

HW: Finish ACES paragraph for Monday, study for vocab quiz on Monday.

Mockingbird: Day 3 January 26, 2017

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  1. First, we went over our vocabulary words. Expect a quiz on Monday over words 6-10 or 6-15 if you’re Honors.
  2. Free read time. Remember, you have to read ten books on your own by June!
  3. Annotation of Mockingbird page 1. We read and annotated the first page of Mockingbird to predict what it will be about. Here is the handout: Close Reading Exercise #1 (Mockingbird) or Close Reading Exercise #1 (Watchman).
  4. In some classes we also brainstormed key questions and terms that went along with our motifs.

HW: Study for vocab quiz on Monday!

Also, today was our school Poetry Out Loud contest for grades 9-12! Our two winners were ninth graders Sky and Asha! Congratulate them!

Everyone is invited to attend the Durham County Regional Competition on Wednesday, February 8 at 6:00 at the Hayti Heritage Center. See you there!

Wordy Wednesday: Unit 2, Day 3 January 25, 2017

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Today our goal was to finish our vocab notes packet. We will check your definitions in class tomorrow.

If you can’t find your V8 Vocabulary Unit 2 packet you can get it here.

HW: Finish defining and writing sentences for all Unit 2 vocab words for tomorrow

Mockingbird: Day 2 January 24, 2017

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Today we discussed the historical context of Lee’s works. After freereading,

  1. We made a 6×3 chart on a sheet of paper, labeling the 3 with ’30s, ’60s, and present day. We labeled the 6 with our motifs: law, morality, manhood, race, gender, and class.
  2. Then, we watched two clips from the documentary Hey, Boo to fill out the boxes related to the ’30s and the ’60s. Here are the clips: 1930s Maycomb and 1960 Southern Reaction.
  3. Students then had time to work on filling out the rest of the chart, using internet research when needed.

HW: Finish your motif chart for tomorrow!

Mockingbird: Day 1 January 23, 2017

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Today we started our new unit focusing on the two novels To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman, both written by Harper Lee. Most students will read Mockingbird, but those who have already read it will be reading Go Set a Watchman. Today was also our first day without Ms. Prather, who is continuing her Duke MAT Program in her second internship at Hillside High School. We already miss her! Here’s what we did today:

  1. Students took a survey to help Ms. Gugino match them with some free reading books they will enjoy for a very special Valentine’s Day event we are planning. If you were absent, please complete the survey here.
  2. Students learned that a motif is any repeated theme, idea, or image in a work of literature. We will be exploring various motifs as we read Harper Lee’s work.
  3. To explore these motifs, students wrote for three minutes to answer one question on each motif. The questions are here: Motif Freewriting Prompts. If you were absent, write your responses to one question per slide for a total of six responses (approximately 3-5 sentences per response).
  4. Finally, students completed a card to select the motifs they felt the most personal connections with. Here is the selection card: Motif Choice Cards. If you were absent, email Ms. Garvoille with your top three motifs or fill out a card when you come back.

HW: Complete vocab notes on words 1-5 if you haven’t already (most people have had this done for weeks).