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for English I:

What can I do to improve my grade?

You can revise any paper or project that scores a grade you are not happy with for a new grade within one week of its return. I believe that if you put in the effort to learn (or relearn) a topic, you should be rewarded for it. Mastery is our goal, and even if it takes you a few tries to master the work, your grade should show mastery.

Come to tutoring after school for extra help; we can discuss ways of improving your grade.


Students have as many days as they are absent to make up homework. It is the student’s responsibility to check the class website to print off assignments missed during an absence. If you have to leave early for sports or an appointment, stop by on the day you leave to pick up work or check the website after school.


Copied papers get zeros and all students involved in copying or aiding in it will be disciplined. If you did not do the assignment, you should talk to me before class or hand in your incomplete assignment. You will have more dignity, a higher grade, and a cleaner record.

Late Work

Late work is not accepted unless completed in front of the teacher during tutoring. If you earn below 70% on a reading quiz, you will be required to come to reading remediation at lunch or after school. If you don’t come to tutoring or reading remediation when assigned, you will serve detention.

Late homework: No credit unless completed in front of the teacher.

Late projects, essays: You lose a full grade (7 points) for turning it in late. Projects that are more than a day or two late will require students to come in during lunch or after school to continue working on them.

Broken Printer?

This is not an excuse for late work. Get the assignment to me on flash drive, email, Google Docs, or pen on paper. If you email, make sure the document is attached. You must wait for a confirmation email from me to ensure I received your email. If you don’t get a confirmation email, I did not get your email. Check to see if you’re spelling my name correctly. I do not allow printing essays during class on the day they are due. If you need to handwrite an essay, it must be in blue or black ink, written on every other line.

Honors vs. Regular English I

Each student has the choice to complete the course at the Honors level, which adds extra weight to your GPA. In my classes, these students will have extra reading, additional components to projects, and more competitive grading. For example, a paper that earns an A in Regular English will earn a B in Honors English. Likewise, quizzes and tests for Advanced and Honors English I are different.



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