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Romeo and Juliet Project: Artwork Choices

A Guide to Romeo and Juliet through Art

Just as Shakespeare was inspired by Ovid and Arthur Brooke to write this play, tons of artists have been inspired by Shakespeare’s in order to create their own works of art. Use this list to help you choose which scene/artwork to select for your final project. This list is not complete! If you want to use a work of art specifically about Romeo and Juliet but not included on the list, contact me.


Click on the scene you will do your project on.

Other Scenes:

Here is Ms. G’s YouTube channel for R&J.

By Art Form

Click on the art form you are most interested in analyzing. If you find links that aren’t working, let Ms. Garvoille know so she can update them.

If you are not finding what you’re looking for, find your scene on the internet in one of the following:


Romeo and Juliet on Broadway with ORLANDO BLOOM:




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