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1B Directions

Today you will be reading the rest of Act I of Romeo and Juliet as well as learning a little more about the play as a whole. You should complete all the steps here by the end of class today.

  1. Open this link to your online quiz in another tab. As you complete the activities today, you should answer the quiz questions.
  2. Watch John Green’s Crash Course Intro to Romeo and Juliet and then answer the quiz questions. [youtube=
  3. In Act I, scene iv we will meet Mercutio, a friend of Romeo who is in the noble family (related to Paris and Prince Escalus). Mercutio will be ridiculing Romeo, just like any good friend might make fun of a pal. Watch the 1978 BBC version of Act I, scene iv. Follow along with the words in your book. Then watch the 1968 version of Act I, scene iv from the director Franco Zeffirelli.
  4. Download and carefully read this article about the Queen Mab speech. Answer the questions in your quiz.
  5. Read along with Act I, scene v as you watch the 1978 version. Answer the questions in your quiz.
  6. Watch John Green’s next commentary on Romeo and Juliet’s love. He will be talking about some scenes we have not read yet, just to give you some heads up.
  7. On your piece of notebook paper, answer these two questions: What evidence do you have that Romeo and Juliet are in love? What evidence do you have that they are not in love? Use complete sentences and quotes from the text.
  8. Done? Turn in your notebook paper and reread Act I, scenes iv and v. There will be an oral quiz on these scenes on Wednesday.
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