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I.iii: Juliet, Nurse, and Lady Capulet discuss Juliet’s potential marriage to Paris

Sergei Prokofiev, Op. 75 No. 4 – “Juliet as a young girl,” from 10 Pieces from Romeo and Juliet for Piano. Performed by A. Gavrilov

I.v.16f: Ball Scene: Romeo and Juliet first meet

Valery Gergiev conducting the London Symphony Orchestra as they play “Dance of the Knights” from Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Recorded in November 2008.

As you listen, you may consider the many back-and-forths between Romeo and Juliet and the other partygoers.

III.i.34-133: Tybalt kills Mercutio; Romeo kills Tybalt. 

Sergei Prokofiev, Romeo & Juliet Suite No.1 Op.64 – No.7 “Death of Tybalt”

“Valery Gergiev conducts the London Symphony Orchestra performing the complete version of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Recorded in November 2008.” (from YouTube)

IV.iii: Juliet takes the potion

“The Death of Juliet” from Sergei Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet

VIOLIN SOLO: David Oistrakh plays Prokofiev Death of Juliet

V.iii.22-170: Romeo and Juliet commit suicide

“Romeo at the tomb of the Capulets” from Romeo et Juliette composed by Hector Berlioz (1839).

“Romeo at the tomb of Juliet” from Romeo and Juliet composed by Sergei Prokofiev

All Scenes

Pyotor Ilych Tchaikovsky’s “Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture.”

You can download the WHOLE DARN SCORE here. Please just focus on one scene and one excerpt from the music based on your interests.

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