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Pop/Rock Music

I.v.16f: Ball Scene: Romeo and Juliet first meet

“Love Pop” from the album Shakespeare is Hip-Hop produced by Flocabulary (click link to listen) Download lyrics here: Love Pop.

II.ii.61f Balcony Scene: Romeo courts Juliet

Taylor Swift “Love Story” (2008)

This music video may also apply to other parts of the story, but I think the references to marriage seem to relate to the balcony scene the most. Think of how this song and video retell the story of Romeo and Juliet or perhaps clearly show Juliet’s intentions. Swift tells the story from Juliet’s point of view. Is it accurate? (Don’t just tell me the video is different from the play; tell me how the heart of the video relates to the play.)

“Tonight” composed by Leonard Bernstein from West Side Story (film, 1961, dir. Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins), starring Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer.

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