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Unit 1

wordpart : meaning : association words

  1. a (an) : not : amnesia, anarchy, atheist
  2. ambi : both : ambiguous, ambidextrous, ambivalent
  3. anti : against : antidote, antibiotic, antisocial
  4. circum : around : circumference, circumscribe, circumnavigate
  5. de : down : demote, descend, decline
  6. dis (di, dif) : apart, away, not : divert, differ, disrupt
  7. endo : inside, within : endoderm, endocardium, endocrine
  8. exo : outside : exocrine, exotic, exosphere
  9. extra (extro) : beyond : extraordinary, extrasenory, extraterrestrial
  10. hetero : different : heterogeneous, heteromorphic, heterosexual
  11. homo : same : homonym, homogenous, homophone [Note: Homo sapiens is NOT an example. Homo in Greek means “same.” In Latin, it means “man.” Homo sapiens means “wise man.]
  12. in (il, im, ir) : in, into : inject, illuminate, import, irrigate
  13. in (ig, il, im, ir) : not : inactive, ignoble, illegal, imperfect, irrational
  14. inter : between, among : interact, interrupt, intervene
  15. intra (intro) : into : intravenous, introduce, introspect
  16. iso : same : isometric, isosceles, isothermal
  17. macro : large : macroscopic, macrocosm, macrocyte
  18. micro : small : microscope, microcosm, microcyte
  19. medi : middle : median, medieval, medium
  20. per : through, throroughly : perspire, permit, perennial
  21. pre : before : prefix, precede, prevent
  22. post : after : postpone, postscript, postmeridian
  23. se : apart, away : secede, seclude, seduce
  24. syn (syl, sym, sys) : same, together, with : synonym, symphony, syllable
  25. ultra : beyond : ultraliberal, ultramodern, ultrasound

SAT Vocab:

1. ambivalent
def 1: having mixed feelings about something; def 2: being undecided between two ideas
ex: Are you for Team Jacob or Team Edward? def 1: What are you even talking about? I’m  ambivalent about vampires and werewolves. def 2: Well, my household is ambivalent about Twilight characters: my sister and I just can’t agree who’s hotter.
n: ambivalence
v: to be ambivalent about
adj: ambivalence
adv: ambivalently

1.5 condescending (ADVANCED ONLY)
def 1: showing a sense of superiority, as if better than those around you; def 2: to condescend to do something is to unwillingly agree to do something below your rank.
ex: def 1: Her new boss had a condescending manner; he spoke to her as if he knew everything and she knew nothing. def 2: He finally condescended to take out the trash, even though he was the manager.
n: condescension
v: to condescend / to be condescending
adj: condescending
adv: condescendingly

2. disdain
def: the feeling that someone or something is not worthy of your respect; contempt
ex: I disdain doing the dishes after a long day at school; but, of course, I always condescend to do them.
n: to have disdain (for someone or something)
v: to disdain (someone or something)
adj: disdainful of
adv: disdainfully

3. indignant
def: feeling anger at what seems like unfair treatment
ex: Students were indignant at the change in the tardy policy; it seemed unfair to them.
n: indignation
v: to be indignant (at)
adj: indignant
adv: indignantly

4. indifferent
def: not caring one way or the other, unconcerned
ex: The soccer players were indifferent to the news of the football team’s win.
n: indifference
v: to be indifferent to
adj: indifferent
adv: indifferently

5. impetuous (HONORS)
def: acting quickly without thought or care; impulsive and risky
ex: My decision to jump off a building may seem impetuous; however, it was the ride of my life.
n: impetuousity
v: to be impetuous
adj: impetuous
adv: impetuously

6. precocious (HONORS)
def: having developed certain abilities at an earlier age than usual; child genius-like
ex: Her precocious talent for the piano lead her to win a concerto competition at the age of five.
n: precociousness (sometimes precocity)
v: to be precocious (at)
adj: precocious
adv: precociously



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