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Unit 2

wordpart : meaning : association words (you may use others too)

  1. ab, abs : away, from : abduct, absent, abdicate
  2. amphi : both : amphibian, amphitheater
  3. apo : away, from, off : apology, apostle, apostrophe
  4. bi : two : bicycle, biennial, binomial
  5. con, co, col, com, cor : same, together, with : collateral, compose, congenital, corroborate
  6. demi : half : demigod, demitasse
  7. dys : bad, poorly : dysfunction, dystrophy, dyslexia
  8. ex, ec, ef : out : exit, eccentric, effuse
  9. eu : good : eulogy, euphemism, eugenics
  10. fore : before, first : forefather, forecast, forefinger
  11. hyper : above, beyond, over : hyperactive, hyperbole, hypercritical
  12. hypo : under : hypothermia, hypocenter, hypodermic [Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, is the base of hypnosis]
  13. mega, megal : large, great : megaphone, megalith, megalomania
  14. mono : one, single : monarchy, monocle, monogamy
  15. neo : new : neonatal, Neolithic, neophyte
  16. non : not : nonconformist, nonflammable, nonverbal
  17. pen : almost : peninsula, penultimate, penumbra
  18. prim, prin : first : primary, primogeniture, prince
  19. poly : many : polytheism, polygamy, polygon
  20. preter : above, beyond, past : preterhuman, preternatural, pretermit
  21. quasi : having the likeness of, resembling : quasi-stellar, quasi-judicial, quasi-successful
  22. re : back, again : recognize, regress, revert
  23. semi : half : semiannual, semicircle, semifinal
  24. super : above, beyond, over : superscribe, superb, supervise
  25. un : not : unarm, unconscious, unequal

0.5 conformist, nonconformist (HONORS)
def: conformist: a person who goes along with accepted behavior
def: nonconformist: a person whose behavior or views to not go along with generally accepted behavior/views
ex: Jenna glared at all of the girls dressed from head to toe in Abercrombie. “What a bunch of conformists!” she mumbled to herself.
n: (non)conformist (person), (non)conformism (idea)
v: to conform
adj: (non)conformist
adv: conformingly (NOT nonconformingly, though)

1. ecstatic
def: feeling overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement
ex: I was ecstatic about my grade on the benchmark: a perfect four! I was all smiles the rest of the day.
n: none
v: to be ecstatic (about)
adj: ecstatic
adv: ecstatically

1.5 nonchalant (HONORS)
def: casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety or enthusiasm; chillin’
Ex: He nonchalantly thanked us for the surprise party, having shown no surprise whatsoever; it was as if he had known about it all along.
n: nonchalance
v: to be nonchalant (about)
adj: nonchalant
adv: nonchalantly

2. reflective
def: 1. relating to, or characterized by, deep thought, contemplation, especially of the past.
2. reflective of [prepositional phrase]: typical of; a consequence of
ex: 1. He’s a very reflective young man: he writes poetry, reads philosophy, and carefully observes the world around him.
2. Our high test scores are reflective of the extreme intelligence of our students.
n: reflectiveness
v: to reflect
adj: reflective
adv: reflectively

2.5 resilient (HONORS)
def: able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions
ex: The single mother’s resiliency was awe-inspiring: after many setbacks, she always just brushed herself off and continued to do everything she could for her children.
I have a resilient immune system: I never get sick.
n: resilience, resiliency
v: to be resilient
adj: resilient
adv: resiliently

3. superficial
def: of little substance or significance
ex: Her superficiality was repulsive: fake eyelashes, fake implants, and, worst of all, fake kindness.
At first examination, there are many superficial similarities between Jem and Dill: they are both boys, both readers, and both Southern. However, upon closer inspection, they are actually quite different underneath.
n: superficiality
v: to be superficial
adj: superficial
adv: superficially



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