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Unit 3

wordpart : meaning : association words (you may use others too)

  1. ad, ac, af, ag, al, an, ap, ar, as, at : to, toward, very : advent, aggressive, ascend
  2. ana across, through, back, again : analyze, anatomy, anabiosis
  3. antebefore : antebellum, antemeridian, antemortem
  4. autoself : autobiography, automobile, autonomy
  5. cata : down, back, thoroughly : cataclysm, catapult, catastrophe
  6. contra, controagainst : contradict, contrary, controversy
  7. diaacross, through : diameter, dialect, diagonal
  8. em, eninside, within : encyclical, embryo, empathy
  9. epioutside, on, upon : epidermis, epitome, epitaph
  10. exformer : ex-convict, ex-wife
  11. hemihalf : hemicycle, hemiplegia, hemisphere
  12. metachange : metacognition, metamorphosis, metaphor
  13. mis : bad, poorly, hate : misanthrope, misogyny, misjudge
  14. multi : many : multiflorous, multilateral, multiply
  15. ob, oc, of, opagainst : occlude, obstruct, oppose
  16. omniall : omnipotent, omniscience, omnivorous
  17. panall, entire : panacea, panchromatic, panophobia
  18. parabeside, beyond : paradox, paralegal, parallel
  19. periaround : periodontics, perimeter, periscope
  20. probefore, forth, forward : prognosis, promote, provide
  21. pseudofalse : pseudonym, pseudopod, pseudoscience
  22. retrobackward : retroactive, retrogress, retrospect
  23. sub, suc, suf, sug, sum, sup, sus under : subject, suppose, suspect
  24. transacross, through : transit, transfer, transmit
  25. vicein place of : vice president, viceroy, vice versa

SAT Vocab
1. apprehensive
def: anxious or fearful that something bad will happen; calmly frightened; nervous
ex: The girl was apprehensive about walking home alone since it was starting to get dark.
n: apprehension, apprehensiveness
v: apprehend
adj: apprehensive
adv: apprehensively

2. emulate
def: to match by imitating; to copy in a good way, as if to compliment
ex: The child emulated his father in all ways, trying to wear clothes like his, talk like him, and become a doctor like him.
n: emulation
v: to emulate something/someone
adj: emulate
adv: emulatively

2.5 prosaic

def: overly plain or simple to the point of being boring; lacking imagination. Used to describe objects or ideas (not people).
ex: Epic similes compare prosaic, everyday events, like fishing, to epic, exciting actions, like being caught by a sea monster. Our lives are full of prosaic minutiae: we answer emails, drink coffee, drive to work; none of it is exciting or magical.
n: prosaicness
adj: prosaic
adv: prosaically

3. subtle
def: understated; delicately complex; not obvious
ex: He was not subtle about asking her to prom: he announced it over the loudspeaker in the middle of what was supposed to be a moment of silence. I just barely scented the subtle aroma of nutmeg in the house.
n: subtlety
adj: subtle
adv: subtly

4. substantiate

def: to back up; to provide evidence of the truth
ex: A single, anonymous source cannot substantiate an accusation of murder.
n: substance
v: to substantiate (something)
adj: substantiated (or unsubstantiated)

5. transient

def: lasting for only a short period of time, impermanent
ex: Odysseus’s life is defined by transience: he can never stay in one place for too long. Her happiness was transient; it soon gave way to fear.
n: transient (a homeless person), transience (idea)
adj: transient
adv: transiently

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